Writing as a Sales Tool

Writing as a sales tool

I consider writing to be a sales tool

I believe that any good salesperson has to identify two things:

  1. Audience
  2. Product
Writing as a Sales Tool
Creative writing meets sales tool at tea time

How Do You Use Writing as a Sales Tool?

I know people think of writing as a creative project, but writing as a sales tool? It is different. Speaking from my own experience, when I write poems and stories, or even personal blog posts, I don’t have an audience in mind. It’s all about self expression. Although I care to do this as eloquently as possible.

With respect to both audience and product, these are both key components of marketing. To pay attention to who is searching, what they seek, and what stage of their buyer’s journey they are in, could encourage purposeful writing. Whether your product is information or a tangible item, using these basics in your writing is like cooking a meal. They are ingredients. From this recipe, you then try to balance positive user experience and technical know how.

As a business writer, my goal is to write relatable and optimized content, with a view towards engaging the reader, and basic bottom line business growth. As a blogger and creative artist, I value an authentic voice. Otherwise, I am a skilled researcher and believe we need to back up what we say in words with a frame of reference. In fact, google is favoring semantics. Bull shit is out, information is in. Clients want to go where their questions can be answered.

business writing and the pot of gold at the end of the rainblow
somewhere over the rainbow

I can say a lot in a few words, which is a skill necessary to rock the writing for social platforms. This ability translates into either a longer or shorter word count, depending on a client’s goals.

For instance, the potential to ‘click to tweet’ is valuable these days. I feel many businesses pay for too many words that do not provide the information a potential reader or client is looking for.

I have an extensive portfolio of online blogging, and creative content for websites. Both include key word research, full on-page optimization, knowledge of SEO and social media where the client want this. Consequently, I can take the text and make it accessible to your social platforms with a unique and clever mindset.

business writing
Think things through

Content managers hire me to help mentor, train and focus individual staff and freelance writers. As such, I have helped drive traffic to websites through my own writing and through these training sessions with clients.

Finally, my style is versatile and driven by a professional enjoyment of the written word. You can check out some recent posts on Homes.com.

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The Editor -BFF or Foe?

Writer plus Editor

I am really happy with a new piece I wrote, but think the chapeau goes off to the editor (and web design). A few tweeks were made with her keen eye. I know she would say she couldn’t have done it without the research and writing I did. But still. I like to play on a supportive team.

As I have also worn the editor hat, I can tell you, it can be very frustrating. Sometimes, I would rather just tear it all up and start over. Especially when I just can’t get inside the other writer’s head, or edit and still keep the flavor of their voice. But if budget constraints are tighter than the feeling in my neck, I keep at it. Sometimes, when you are editing, you might prefer to rebuild but can only remodel.


Writers, seers and editors
Ben Franklin’s bifocals

What Does an Editor Do?

A copy editor is a planner, reviewer, and reviser of content for publication. Someone who has a grasp of punctuation and won’t let a sentence r…u…n…..on….f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Their goal is to improve readability. ¹

writers and editors
a good editor keeps things moving

Is the Editor a BFF or a Frenemy?

For sure, some editors need and want to put their stamp on all content that passes their desk. And, if it serves the bigger picture (brand, strategy, overall tone, clarity etc.), cool. For me, I think editors are both respectful and the last word. I mean, if you hire the writer for his or her specific tone, you should strive to maintain it, enhance it, or head to HR. Ultimately, I think a good editor is a great silent partner, a good writer, teacher, clarifier and teammate. Someone who collaborates with authors to help their ideas and stories succeed.


[1] bls.gov/ooh/media-and-communication/editors.htm

Creative Writing: Can We Be Creative as Business Writers?

About Creative Writing

Creative writing is pretty loosely described. We associate creative writing with narratives, character development, prose and poetry. And sometimes, flow.

People ask me all the time “what kind of things do you write?” and I usually answer ‘business writing’ seeing as this is an accurate description of my work week. Or I will say something like, “writers, write” or “I’m versatile”. It seems like a cop out. And an apology for not having a spot on the New York Times Bestseller list.

Creativity and Perspective

But, when all is said and done, doesn’t creativity have to infuse web content? Does it not require creativity to find a vocabulary, navigate compliance, and get across a prescribed message? I think so. Feel so. I mean, you get these ingredients (search phrases, a product to sell, a certain number of hours, a specific audience). Then you have to actually create a piece that will both inform and sell. And be readable.

Creativity in the Digital Age

We need to expand the bounds of what defines creative writing. I do not mean add alternative facts. What I do mean is that for those of us who write content for websites, we shouldn’t feel that we have the short end of the creative writing deal. In fact, the internet has jettisoned words and sentences so that we no longer have to go out of our way to read. And with the short attention span of today’s reader, if you can get someone to click a link and sign up, buy your product or request information with some creative business content, hat’s off! That is a win.

A masterpiece

Don’t Go Stale

Sometimes,  a project can feel heavy. The subject is hard to grasp, resources are as scarce as water in the desert, and compliance has you up in a corner. When this happens to me I feel like stale bread. Useful but dry. I think these are moments to take a walk, a photo or doodle. Also, to remember that what got you here was something deeper than your ability to write what you have to.

Nature’s creativity is inspirational

For today, here is a poem from my own vault. Enjoy

The Breath is Dancing

Embrace the metaphysical moment in time

Breathe deep and deeper still

Lift up, lift up…

Feel the Spirit Soar

The vibrations sing and resonate within

Clear the negativity from the psychic space

The breath arrives as inspiration

Dance with the inner heartbeat of joy

Exhale in long, languid, sensuous surrender

Celebrate the temple of human being

Relax the mind and let it flow

Allow the inner creator to begin

Watch the design of light unfold

Eyes smiling, rejoice, renew

The happiness in the cells is bliss

Magic mood enhancing melody

Rise up, like sunshine overflowing

Move in compassionate calm and soundless action

Sadness is an illusion in the dreamer’s mind

Get into the grove of hope

The warrior protects the meditative trance

Lift up, Lift up… Dance…

by Rana Waxman copyrighted