creativity and the artist at work

Creative Writing: Can We Be Creative as Business Writers?

About Creative Writing

Creative writing is pretty loosely described. We associate creative writing with narratives, character development, prose and poetry. And sometimes, flow.

People ask me all the time “what kind of things do you write?” and I usually answer ‘business writing’ seeing as this is an accurate description of my work week. Or I will say something like, “writers, write” or “I’m versatile”. It seems like a cop out. And an apology for not having a spot on the New York Times Bestseller list.

Creativity and Perspective

But, when all is said and done, doesn’t creativity have to infuse web content? Does it not require creativity to find a vocabulary, navigate compliance, and get across a prescribed message? I think so. Feel so. I mean, you get these ingredients (search phrases, a product to sell, a certain number of hours, a specific audience). Then you have to actually create a piece that will both inform and sell. And be readable.

Creativity in the Digital Age

We need to expand the bounds of what defines creative writing. I do not mean add alternative facts. What I do mean is that for those of us who write content for websites, we shouldn’t feel that we have the short end of the creative writing deal. In fact, the internet has jettisoned words and sentences so that we no longer have to go out of our way to read. And with the short attention span of today’s reader, if you can get someone to click a link and sign up, buy your product or request information with some creative business content, hat’s off! That is a win.

A masterpiece

Don’t Go Stale

Sometimes,  a project can feel heavy. The subject is hard to grasp, resources are as scarce as water in the desert, and compliance has you up in a corner. When this happens to me I feel like stale bread. Useful but dry. I think these are moments to take a walk, a photo or doodle. Also, to remember that what got you here was something deeper than your ability to write what you have to.

Nature’s creativity is inspirational

For today, here is a poem from my own vault. Enjoy

The Breath is Dancing

Embrace the metaphysical moment in time

Breathe deep and deeper still

Lift up, lift up…

Feel the Spirit Soar

The vibrations sing and resonate within

Clear the negativity from the psychic space

The breath arrives as inspiration

Dance with the inner heartbeat of joy

Exhale in long, languid, sensuous surrender

Celebrate the temple of human being

Relax the mind and let it flow

Allow the inner creator to begin

Watch the design of light unfold

Eyes smiling, rejoice, renew

The happiness in the cells is bliss

Magic mood enhancing melody

Rise up, like sunshine overflowing

Move in compassionate calm and soundless action

Sadness is an illusion in the dreamer’s mind

Get into the grove of hope

The warrior protects the meditative trance

Lift up, Lift up… Dance…

by Rana Waxman copyrighted