The Editor -BFF or Foe?

Writer plus Editor

I am really happy with a new piece I wrote, but think the chapeau goes off to the editor (and web design). A few tweeks were made with her keen eye. I know she would say she couldn’t have done it without the research and writing I did. But still. I like to play on a supportive team.

As I have also worn the editor hat, I can tell you, it can be very frustrating. Sometimes, I would rather just tear it all up and start over. Especially when I just can’t get inside the other writer’s head, or edit and still keep the flavor of their voice. But if budget constraints are tighter than the feeling in my neck, I keep at it. Sometimes, when you are editing, you might prefer to rebuild but can only remodel.


Writers, seers and editors
Ben Franklin’s bifocals

What Does an Editor Do?

A copy editor is a planner, reviewer, and reviser of content for publication. Someone who has a grasp of punctuation and won’t let a sentence r…u…n…..on….f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Their goal is to improve readability. ¹

writers and editors
a good editor keeps things moving

Is the Editor a BFF or a Frenemy?

For sure, some editors need and want to put their stamp on all content that passes their desk. And, if it serves the bigger picture (brand, strategy, overall tone, clarity etc.), cool. For me, I think editors are both respectful and the last word. I mean, if you hire the writer for his or her specific tone, you should strive to maintain it, enhance it, or head to HR. Ultimately, I think a good editor is a great silent partner, a good writer, teacher, clarifier and teammate. Someone who collaborates with authors to help their ideas and stories succeed.



Keeping the Social in Social Media

Keeping the Social in Social Media

No doubt you have at least one social media profile, whether it be Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter. We have become a society who probably picks up the phone less than past generations, relying on texting and IM chats. We document our travels, food preferences, shout out birthday greetings, and curate coats on a variety of different platforms.  This can be a way to have online (social) relationships with people we know but live far from. Personal social media is pretty social. We engage.

Business Use of Social Media

So many awesome people working in digital marketing to inspire new campaigns. The most successful ones are cultivating a purposeful presence online by building engagement and getting people to be excited about their products. While you may think that getting likes gets you noticed, getting your content shared, and sharing your own content, has marketing potential.

Once you’ve chosen the right social media technology and created a great participant experience around a compelling purpose, only one question remains. Will they come? Maybe not. ~ Anthony J Bradley/Mark P McDonald.

My friend Ty made me into a meme:

social media for online presence
Sharing on social media trumps likes

Here are a couple of reasons I like to use social media channels:

  • To get my blog out there
  • To create conversations around something I might be doing, such as writing a new post, or advertising an event
  • To build engagement with audiences. Maybe we can share each other’s wisdom, or learn new things
  • To network. You can meet interesting people who share your interests, or want to hire you.
  • Good for organic SEO.

Social listening

Often overlooked, some pages get a lot of comments but don’t seem home. It’s like not answering your phone. I try to answer questions, or at least thank people for their comments. I would recommend, if you are trying to build a faithful network, or audience, that you check your page and at least “like” the fact that someone left a remark. Think long term fan base. Think engagement.

My personal preference is to keep my posts short and sweet, use a link to drive traffic to my site or a particular blog post. Long winded commentaries do not necessarily feel like conscious content.

If you are looking for a few tips to make your Facebook business page more fantastic check out this paid piece I wrote here. You can also contact me for social media management!