Online writing

Online writing

This is a cheat sheet portfolio of web content I authored. I have formatted this page so that when you click on each heading you will be directed to the page on each of these sites. Most of these articles have a byline so you will see my name.

However, I do produce web content that is posted directly to a client’s site. For this type of writing,  please contact me since this work does not have a byline.

BoConcept Philadelphia



How to Handle Relocation Like a Pro

Top Cities for MBA Graduates

Live Near the Art Museums in Fairmount

Rent to Own

5 Tips to Build an Art Collection in the New Year

15 Ways to Winterize and Warm up to Winter

City of Brotherly Love and the Philadelphia Row

Small Kitchens: The New Kitchen on the Block

Space Needs For Empty Nesters

Space and The Single Lady

Where Have all the Vestibules Gone?

Words Matter: Sales and the Art of Describing Your Home

Space Needs For Empty Nesters

Cayman Lots

Paradise Gardens-Cayman Islands

Heads and Tails

Heads and Tails Beauty Boutique

Education Dynamics

sample here

OmMedia Marketing Group

Love: Reflections (for JDate)

Voyage-Journey Pure 

Honoring The Earth

Yoga People Marketing Agency

Social Media Brand Voice For Teachers And Students

Five Tips To Make Your Facebook Page Fantastic 

Lole Love Blog

Bring Balance To Your Practice

The Importance Of Chakra Balance

7 Things You May Not Know About Yogatherapy

Mindful Shopping 

Education Dynamics 

Elephant Journal

The Open Heart And The Modern Yogini

The Modern Yogini goes Retail Shopping


3 Surefire Ways To Cultivate Sustainable Spirituality

7 Tips to Prevent Headaches

If You’re Getting Injured In Yoga, Something Isn’t Right

How to Handle Major Life Changes Like a Spiritual Warrior

Why You Need to Carve Out Time for Silence

Use Mantras to Focus Your Mind and Change Your Life

How To Make Self-Reflection Fun

Yoga and the Art of Listening To Your Body

3 Methods For Practicing The Art Of Active Patience

7 Easy Steps To Start A 15-Minute Relaxation Practice

7 Reminders To Keep Your Yoga Practice Pure

7 Tips To Hone Your Intuition

7 Tips To Cultivate Contentment

7 Reasons To Modify Your Yoga Practice With Props

The Truth About Getting Better In Yoga

7 Ways To Be A Peaceful Warrior Instead Of A Nervous Warrior

Yoga Therapy: It’s Not Just “Gentle” Yoga

7 Tips To Keep On Keepin’ On With Your Meditation Practice

Why Breathing Isn’t As Easy As It Seems (And How To Do It With Intention)

Yoga Travel Tree

Too Much Of A Good thing – Can You Do Too Much Yoga