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Rana Waxman Portfolio Conscious Strategies LLC : 

Are you building a website and in need of conscious content generation?

Do you have an online presence that is not working for you ?

Do you want to build an online presence to express your brand, your image or get yourself noticed?

As a skilled writer, I create researched, optimized and relatable content for a wide variety of subjects and help generate engagement and communities on a broad array of Social media Platforms using SEO Best practices for full on page optimization.

Content Generation /Key word research/ SEO  What key words does your business want to be found for? What are people actually searching for? I offer Technical Business writing – research – on page optimization – meta data – key words.

Social Media Management. Making use of social media involves getting the above content out on different platforms, and building effective engagement with audiences. Good content is shared and helps drive traffic to your product / your site. Here are 3 examples that illustrate my ability to build brand voice through social media and Facebook advertising, create a campaign from the beginning, and use effective, efficient engagement and social listening to drive traffic to your site/product

Optimized Writing My philosophy is that “writers write”. I write relatable content in a contemporary style that is optimized to make use of key word research and the project theme. This may be technical business writing or blogging with a purpose.

Apart from contributions to my own blog here and my yoga blog there, I have contributed to Elephant Journal, MindBodyGreen, some of my clients  and the respective portfolios include:


Voyage Journey Pure

Yoga People Marketing Agency

Social Media Brand Voice For Teachers And Students

Five Tips To Make Your Facebook Page Fantastic 

OMMedia Group 

Education Dynamics

Gottlieb Partners 


Case Studies:

CASE 1: JOURNEY PUREBuilding Brand image : Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest platforms. Their initial  brand image felt stale with no clear message. I was not given a directive in terms of what kind of brand voice they wanted to convey. Twitter numbers were inflated – no one could tell me why. Over time, there was a budget for some graphics/logo which a team member provided. You can see how much I tweeted, going from 78 to 643 with the addition of a photo gallery. Facebook went from 188 to 386 likes, more engagement and a new identity as a fresh face and concept in Recovery facilities.They did not have Pinterest, so I created an account for them, and linked all of the social media accounts together.

Below, an extremely successful $5 boost I did for them.


CASE 2: VOYAGE:  Building a social media campaign from the beginning. I started with little following, and grew it from 1 to 408 likes under my supervision.

CASE 3: US PEST: Using Social Listening and Effective, efficient engagement to draw traffic to your site and connect with real customers. This client was hoping to model their social platforms after Orkin, a very large pest control company (without having anywhere near the same budget). FACT: I was given this account for 69 days. In this time period, we raised their traffic by 65%, Increased their page views by 111%, decreased their bounce rate by 85%.