#Livelocal: Sourcing the Hood

I scored a 50% off Seedy Grains (by Lost Bread Co.) at Riverwards today. They also had these jumbo blackberries. After unpacking the ingredients I did some work and forgot to eat breakfast. But somewhere around 11 AM a wave of inspiration hit me. Here it is. Simple stuff – bread, organic almond butter and homemade blackberry jam.

#Livelocal Homemade Blackberry Jam
Homemade Blackberry Jam #Livelocal

I drizzled a little honey on top to take away from the sourness of the berries. Perfect and satisfying. It got me thinking how overlooked simplicity can be. Yet there’s an appeal that something is so accessible isn’t there? It’s good to be able to source things and put them together in a meaningful way. I think that is why I love to write.


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