What Content is on Your Site?

Content for Websites
What Content is on Your Website?

What Content is on your Website?

I am very proud of my clients at Heads and Tails for realizing they need not only more, but better, content on their website. I hear you thinking, “it’s a lovely image” and “what’s wrong with that”? Yes, it is a lovely stylized photo and there is nothing amiss with a menu of services.

Are Photos All the Content You Have?

Photos and images should be part of a purposeful content strategy.

Many of us are visual. We like to see what a place looks like before we eat there. And, we can certainly read text such as the above menu. However, and this is a big BUT, if images are all you have, your site is not being well optimized. Google spiders like to read text. How can google tell by this image that this is a local beauty business in Philadelphia? It can’t. #notgoodforbusiness

maximize your content
make your content purposeful

Press releases are another type of image that can be a mixed blessing. On the one hand, you want everyone to see that you made it to the cover of xyz. The only problem is that the image itself doesn’t inform the search engines the same way that a blog post would. So, yes, it’s great you got mentioned, but how many people know about it? Let’s improve those numbers. Here we went from a series of photos to a list of recent posts.

Images + Text = Better for Search

Images plus text are better for search and also for the searcher. Text is a multi-tasker. Here is what I mean. Text is read by humans and search spiders. So, a simple solution to the above menu problem is to convert it to a written menu instead of a static image. Which I did. It is a purposeful and easy to execute content strategy.

content refresh
Content Refresh

Finally,  text can be a timesaver. It allows you to elaborate. What do I mean? I will leave you with that thought. Let me know when you are ready to take your content to the next level.