Writers Write Writing

Writers write writing

As a writer since the days of “dear diary”, snail mail and classic literature, I have noticed that writing has changed over the years. With the advent of digital technology, a good writer may only have 140 characters to show cleverness, sell a product, be witty or wise.

When we want to understand something, we cannot just stand outside and observe it. We have to enter deeply into it and be one with it in order to really understand ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

We write blog posts and articles, but we also tweet and post to instagram. We use hashtags instead of long paragraphs. Our websites have to be mobile and tablet friendly. We have to be concise, but also practical. Send a message in a way that wows so people don’t just click off the page.  The websites that were created years ago, if not refreshed, may not appeal to contemporary readers or your target audience.

Some of the types of writing you might hire me for include:

  • Business/technical writing ~ research, key words and SEO with professional flair
  • Blogging ~ deliver a message in 300-500 words in optimized and relatable style
  • Social Media ~ short and sweet like a tweet
  • Also technical SEO audits and full on-page optimization because page titles and meta descriptions matter too!

Clear Seeing needs the calmly abiding self ~ Stephen Cope

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